The Best Grass for Central Florida

There are many types of grass to grow in your home. This grass makes your lawn green and beautiful. But when it comes to finding the best grass for Central Florida, things are different.

Florida is a place that has too much rain, scorching heat, hurricanes, and unbearable humidity. For this reason, you need to conduct proper planning and research. This will help you understand and gain enough information about the best types of grass.

Once you have all the information at hand, you can now look for different types of grass. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the best grass fit in your lawn.

If you are ready to change your Florida lane, scroll down to select the best variety!

Growing Grass in Central Florida Section 

Finding the best grass for Central Florida is not a walk in the park. It is filled with many weather challenges, such as heat, high humidity, and too much rain. For this reason, you cannot grow any type of grass.

You will need to research and plan the type of grass that will suit your lawn in that particular weather condition. The best time to grow grass in most parts of Central Florida is between April and July. As much as seeding can be expensive, it all depends on the type of Turf Grass.

Types of Grass That Grow in Florida, USA

There are different types of grass in Florida, USA. Among them are:

St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine Grass is the most common type of grass grown in most parts of the United States of America. Therefore, it is also the best grass seed for Central Florida Lawns. Moreover, it does well in a warm, humid environment. Apart from that, it thrives in well-drained fertile soils but can grow in other types of soil. 

It is commonly identified by its attractive, dark green grass. However, you will find it crowded in weeds and competing grass most of the time. Its varieties include; Bitterblue, Seville, Floratam, and Palmetto. It is popularly grown in homes, offices, commercial, residential, and recreational areas.

St. Augustine grass

Bahia Grass

Another best grass for Central Florida is Bahia Grass. It is the most effective grass that doesn’t require constant fertilizing, thus saving money. The all-purpose grass is widespread among different types of sod in Florida.

Additionally, it has an extensive root system to survive in heavy drought. Another great advantage with this grass type is that it is less susceptible to fungal infections or insect problems and does well in sandy soil.

Zoysia Turf

Zoysia Turf is another best grass seed for Central Florida. As much as it is not popular like the St Augustine grass, it is considered one of the most beautiful lawns in the South. It is delicate and dense and gives a stunning and remarkable appearance. The good thing is that it can withstand harsh climatic conditions. 

Bermuda Grass

When you walk on a golf course or athletic fields in Florida, you won’t miss seeing beautiful grass. This type of grass is called Bermuda Grass. Apart from being grown in these venues, it is popular among landscapers in Central Florida.

Besides that, Bermuda Grass Florida is durable and robust. Perfect for a high-traffic lawn, it is easy to grow and care for. It also can tolerate drought, light-moderate shade, and has a low growing habit.

Bermuda Grass

Carpet Grass

Carpet Grass is native to the Gulf Coast States. However, it also originated in tropical climates. Also known as Flat Grass, it is commonly planted in wet areas from mid-April to May. After planting Carpet Grass, ensure that you mow it weekly at the height of ¾ inches (2 centimeters) to 2 inches (5.1 centimeters). 

Unlike other types of grass, it does not thrive well in shaded regions and foot traffic. Fertilize Carpet Grass at least twice per year during spring and fall for better results.

Grass carpet

Bahia Grass

Bahia Grass started as Pasture Grass. Nowadays, it is commonly grown in commercial lawns and residential lawns. It is perfect, especially when you are starting with dry sandy soil. 

The better part is that it is drought tolerant and requires little fertilization. 

It also requires full sun, and when planted in the shade, it wilts and dies. Also, it turns brown or yellow when planted in cold weather or regions. Therefore, mowing this grass should be done during summer with little maintenance.

Centipede Grass

Another type of the best grass seed for Central Florida is the Centipede Grass. It is lighter in color, requires little fertilization, and has slow growth. With a centipede, you will save time and money because of minor maintenance.

An added advantage of the centipede is that it brings out a beautiful look. But, on the contrary, it is susceptible to diseases from certain plants.

Seashore Paspalum

Closing the list of the best type of grass to grow in Central Florida is the Seashore Paspalum. It is popularly grown in golf courses and residential lawns. But, first, it is very salt-tolerant, and you can use poor-quality water for irrigation.

This is why Seashore Paspalum is an excellent choice under specific soil conditions, especially if you are closer to the ocean. Furthermore, It grows best during the summer months and flourishes under a large amount of rainfall, making it perfect for Central Florida. 

Mowing should be done weekly, and you should only need to fertilize it twice per year. 

How to Pick the Right Grass for the Orlando Region

Living in Florida is not all about the beautiful buildings but also about planting suitable grass on lawns. Healthy green grass is the foundation of perfect landscaping as a rule of thumb. 

For this reason, several considerations need to be put in place. Among them are location, type of grass, maintenance, and pests. Putting in mind this aspect will help you to achieve the yard of your dreams.


Location is top of the list of crucial things to consider for grass seeds in Florida lawns. Knowing the right spot to plant your grass is vital. If you are going to plant in your yard, ensure the soil meets all the requirements, such as the correct pH for proper growth.

Maintenance Requirements

Another factor to put in mind is maintenance requirements. First, you need to ask yourself these questions. Do you have enough time to spend taking care of your grass? Will you give it enough attention? If so, go ahead and plant your grass.

Pests and Diseases

Pest and diseases are common in grasses too. Check if the grass is susceptible to pests and diseases. If so, try and look for possible solutions.

Varieties of Grass

There are many types of grass to grow in Orlando. These grasses are like St. Augustine, Bahia, and Bermuda. All of them are good for lawns but have different features and requirements. 

What one grass needs is not what the other will need. For instance, St. Augustine is the best grass for shade in Florida. Therefore, you will have to provide the best environment to grow best. 

When you settle for the best type of grass, you will need to check on its varieties. This also comes down to the location you live. Certain varieties do well in soils or areas with a lot of rain while others don’t. If you live in Orlando, then things are good.

The grasses mentioned above will help you set a beautiful lawn. What you need to do is to take care of them. Don’t forget to create enough time to familiarize yourself with the varieties.

The Final Say

There are different types of grass to grow in Central Florida. These grasses create a beautiful landscape. First, however, you have to ask yourself this question. What is the most straightforward grass to grow in Central Florida? Well, getting the best one for your lawn is not easy. This is because Florida has harsh weather such as hot sun, high humidity, and prolonged rains.

For this reason, you cannot plant just any grass on your lawn. You need to research and understand the available options. Getting the right stats will save money and time. This way, you will achieve the best look for your lawn.

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